Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm back!!!

So, I took a little time off--well--about a month off--to be a wife. Specifically to travel to France for our wedding anniversary. No, we weren't there for a month, but when you're going to be gone for an amount of time, it necessarily (and in this case, quite definitively) limits your availability for auditions, rehearsals and filming.

I am glad to report it was the best trip ever. We had a wonderful time. And then when I got back, all unmotivated and nicely relaxed by daily chocolate croissants and twice/thrice-daily glasses of wine, I found out I had been given a role in a short film I auditioned for right before we left. And then today, not even a week later, a second role just landed in my in-box, all written for me and ready to go.

So November and December will bring work with new teams of people--I love expanding my Austin circle--and wildly different roles. Class starts up for me again on Tuesday too, so I'm good to go. Back in it and hoping that Cell kicks some serious ass at competitions in both Beverly Hills and Switzerland over the next few weeks.