Saturday, August 14, 2010


Goodness, it's been a busy few weeks! The weekend after I got back from LA, it was time to hit the set of Orbit--a film directed and written by Jessica Dorfman, a UT grad student. Orbit is her thesis film--a coming of age story about a 13-year-old girl who begins to learn tough lessons about love, loss and growing up while attending her father's wedding to his new wife.

It's been a really cool experience--the wedding in the film is a Jewish wedding, so we've learned all about Jewish traditions in the process of researching and filming. I even learned a little Hebrew for the ceremony! It's been 100 degrees plus for the entire 11 days, and the extras have been amazing--cheerfully dressing up for a wedding every day, day after day, and then sweating through their finery. We've been filming at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden, which is a gorgeous setting for a wedding--they've been so kind and welcoming to us. Really amazing.

Our last day is tomorrow--one more chance to dance the hora, enjoy seriously the best craft services ever (let me know if you need a contact in Austin--this guy is a rock star...) and spend the day with cast and crew. I'm already feeling that bittersweet feeling...