Saturday, August 31, 2013

Out of Bounds!

So. Austin Comedy Hour had a great show at the Hideout Theater Wednesday night--awesome job by Bobby DiPasquale, Scott Moss and Brett Tribe. SO MUCH FUN. And not just because I got to fake make-out with Scott Moss.

Then tonight. Yes. Ok. I came out like a banshee--a harpy bitch from hell--yelling something like, "What the fuck, dude? You told me 9:30! I've been in that fucking theater since 6:00!"

All true. I went to the theater solely because I was going to see Jorak & Jorak, who I thought were performing at 9:30. Turns out they were performing at 11:30. And I owed it to both my guy and the dog to get my ass home and participate in the first weekend of college football watching. It's part of the whole richer/poorer, sickness/health thing. And as a recently laid-off writer now depending solely on my sugar daddy for food and shelter, well, if something like coming home to watch a little football makes both of us happy? All good.

So, in the 3.5 hours, I got to see some really great moments, an audience enjoying the crap out of themselves, a friend in from LA (Hi, Brent Foshee!), the friend I yelled at (Sorry, Scott Moss), my favorite photographer doing improv magic with her man (Hi, Meredith Mae Roberts), a Nicolosi alum in action (Hi Kirk Johnson), an entire 30-minute riff on one of my favorite movies (Girls Just Want to Have Fun--thanks Atlantic Pacific Bravo!) and a lot of great Austinites mixing it up with those in from the bigger cities.

And the icing? Brent Foshee slides in next to me to watch Triggerfinger, and says, "These are friends from L.A." Turns out at least one of them is my friend, too! Michael Garcia and I were in improv class together way back when in Houston, Texas. But he's been buried in my facebook feed, and I had no idea he had moved to L.A., much less flew back to ATX to perform at Out of Bounds! Life is too, too sweet. And this awesomeness isn't over yet--tomorrow morning I'll be meeting the comedienne who schooled both of us--Second City grad Kim McGaw.

And we'll be eating at the Magnolia. So all in all, this weekend can't get much better than it is already.