Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The bright side?

Bad idea to write a blog entry when you know you're kinda down. But I think it's kinda great that I've been with my s.o. for years (YEARS, people, capital years), and I still miss him when he has to go out of town. I watched Easy A on tv (love that Emma Stone) and ate leftover lasagna and ALL the ice cream. So I think I'm totally doing a down night right. I'm trying to make myself do a little more work tonight too, but, so far, not feeling it.

So, for the bright, bright side? Two roles in two weeks! I'm currently in rehearsals for Motherhood Outloud--it will be the Austin premiere of the off-broadway hit. I get to do two really amazing monologues (they're all great, though, it's not like you can get a bad one), and I'm currently working on memorizing like 12 straight minutes of dialogue. This isn't film, people, and it's clearly a workout my brain needed!

The other? Film role! Yay! I was cast in The Sauce, and I am so effing excited!! I'll be playing the part of Nancy, potential swinger (you be the judge).

We'll be shooting early fall, so more on that one later.

For now, Motherhood Outloud opens Mother's Day weekend (yikes!) and runs Sundays through June at the City Theatre in Austin. Come see!