Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Inside My Fridge?

Perfect dinner for two, no cooking required
Last month I received an unexpected request from nutritionist Robin Plotkin's intern--could they have a look inside my fridge? And would I answer questions about how I shop and eat?

If you guys know me, you know I LOVE food. LOVE it. And I thought about how pretty my grocery cart looks sometimes--you know, on the weeks when it's packed with produce (because I bought all the chips, cereal, brownie mix, etc. the week before...). So I said sure! Unfortunately, my fridge itself didn't look particularly pretty on any of the days between the request and the publishing. And I didn't have the time or money to food style it. On second thought, I didn't have the inclination either. 

To remove the booze would be misleading. The tupperwares are a part of life around my house (when your schedule is crazy, you cook when you can--to take care of  multiple days if you have to--and then put the components together for each meal). You can't even see the produce--it's in the drawers and in a fruit bowl on my counter. And to style my fridge to look like a fridge commercial would undermine the entire purpose of the blog. Let's own our fridges in all their messiness for what they are--proof of how freaking lucky we are to be in a place where we have not only fridges, but food to put in them. And computers to look in other people's...

If you want to check out my fridge--it's here. And if you want the recipe to anything I wrote about at Robin's Bite (or anything else for that matter!), just ask. And, hey, the only things you have to be embarrassed about in your fridge are the things that have been there longer than your significant other--check the expiration dates!