Monday, March 12, 2012

A Little SXSW Magic

So. I've been remiss. Obviously. Since it's the end (for me anyway) of day four of my SXSW experience, and I've written...nothing. Few tweets. No blog posts.

The Luddite thing kicked in. I'm taking notes in a notebook (a very cool notebook. with owls on it) with a pen. I can't seem to tweet and listen at the same time, so all the hashtags assigned to panels are somewhat (what am I saying, are entirely) wasted on me.

I would say my favorite part of SXSW this year, every year, are the luddite-esque moments. And now, so you can live vicariously through me:

1. The I lost my cool owl notebook, but when I retraced my steps, I found it in the hands of a guy I met walking from the parking garage more than five hours earlier. Super amazing.

2. The sitting in movie theaters, genuine movie theaters, like in a group experience, watching a movie together. I know. Old school.

3. The SXSW as summer camp experience of meeting friends because you're all foreigners, making a little clique where you're on the inside (for once), and feeling as if you've known each other for days.

4. Photo booth with new camp friends!

5. Eating with my hands in front of a trailer!

Why are they Luddite? None of my favorite bits required any exceptional technology. Buuut, I'm learning. Because now, through technology, I get to keep up with my SXSW camp friends. Until I can see them again next year.

And, so I remember later, the movies watched so far: The Will, Black Pond, The Scarlet Road, Jeff