Sunday, August 7, 2011


Do you guys know what it's like to live in 100 degree temperatures week after week after week? I'm thinking it's like wintertime in North Dakota. You just learn to stay inside unless you're desperate to get outdoors. Here, we do our weekend running as early as possible, hibernate through the hottest parts of the afternoon, and then crawl outdoors with containers of ice to try to breathe the scorched air before we go to bed. The yard is beginning to look like hay. This family definitely has cabin fever.

We are catching up on movies, though, so that's a good thing! We saw Source Code last night--enjoyed it. We were debating the 'science' behind it today, then decided that was pretty much a lost cause. We opted to just go with it. This time last year I spent a solid week and a half outside filming, in a wedding dress. I miss my peeps, but can't imagine what a tough, tough ride it would have been for the crew in these conditions.

Everybody stay safe, careful and drink lots of water!