Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sometimes it's this simple.

You find good people. You work with them.

That's it. Today I spent a good, productive, can't-believe-it's-been-three-hours three hours with Kevin McCarthy, Hilary Wagner and Mark Gardner--yep, all of Cell: The Web Series fame. We're going to be hyphenates. Actor-writer. Actor-editor. Actor-producer. Writer-director. Whatever it takes. We're going to stretch and learn and work and create and post. Lots and lots of posting.

Right now we're in prep. But we're going to be moving quickly, very quickly. Starting this week, with my finally biting the bullet and writing. Not for the day job, but for me.


So! A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from one of my favorite directors, Joe Nicolosi, saying he'd accommodate the boot on set if I wanted to come cameo for one of SXSW's bumpers this year. Yay! In true Joe style, there were tons of people, tons of costumes, and he managed to get every shot he was looking for in record time. It was a smooth, happy, fun set, and I was a bloody cheerleader. After last year's bloody mess, it was only fitting.

I also auditioned for a Dallas Film Festival ad/bumper a bit after that. I know we're making progress, because I had to tell the director about the injury when he asked if I could run for one of the parts he was casting. Yay! He didn't notice! Boo! Still can't run! Yay! Got one of the parts anyway! Boo! They ran out of daylight and we never ended up filming it...

Still exciting--trivia time--the director for those ads, Scott Rice, is the only student to ever be nominated for two Academy Awards in a single year. Cool, huh? Check out The Adventures of Mad Matt--great film.

Biggest bummer about that--I wanted to do it so my parents could see the spots on television up where they live. Next time!