Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dear John

Dear John,
Today, Auggie and I went down to Shoal Creek to watch the marathon. We sat in the sun in the backyard. We took a nap on the couch. And then we went to Central Market to walk around the lake. Teo's was to be the sweetness in an already wonderful Sunday.

When we got there, I looped Auggie's leash around a metal chair not too different from the one in this picture. I gave him a milkbone and his chew toy. And when I tried to go into Teo's to order, he pulled that chair almost through the front door.

And then you! You came over and asked if you could watch him while I went inside. And you picked up your New York Times and your coffee and sat in the chair and pet him while I waited for the five people in front of me to taste everything in the case and then pay in pennies. So John, it may have felt like a tiny kindness, a nothing-at-all kind of kindness, but you made Auggie happy, and you made me happy, and we hope that your kindness is returned tenfold.

And John, is there any better place in this world to live than Austin, Texas on a warm, sunny February afternoon? With homemade gelato, perfect coffee and a sweet puppy at your feet? We don't think so either.

Aimee & Auggie

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The other side of the camera

So, my alter ego (the one who pays way more of my bills), works in advertising. As a copywriter. So that me has written commercials. Has seen them in my head. Has hoped they translate through the talent (or get any better). So what fun to get to do that for someone else this weekend!

I spent Saturday afternoon shooting a couple of commercials--unfortunately, they'll only be playing in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, but if you live there, watch for 'em! In the movie theater! (Sorry. I understand if you don't want to watch commercials after you've already paid to watch the movie. I do get it. Really.)

I played the wife of a good real-life friend of mine, Kevin McCarthy from Cell, and his kids and dog, Zoe, also took part. All in all, it felt way more like fun than work, which is really awesome when it works out that way. And I saw the rough cuts--they look great!

In related news, tonight was the Super Bowl, and I have to send a shout-out to the copywriter(s) working on Chrysler's "Imported from Detroit" commercials--"It's Half-Time, America" was really spot-on. Great, great job.