Monday, August 20, 2012

Zombies? Fantastic!

Holy cow, you guys. So. This is my third appearance with zombies. 1) Joe Nicolosi's SXSW Film Midnight Bumper (I survived.) 2) Joe Nicolosi's #Zombies (I survived.) and now 3) Stephen Mick's No Talking PSA for the Alamo Drafthouse/Fantastic Fest (Jury's out on my're going to have to go see.)

This was such a fun shoot and a great reminder of what a close, talented film community we have here in ATX. Cliff Wildman (Project Rant) called to invite me to participate, and Luis Caffesse (Project Rant) was on set. Ben Ploughman, who I worked with on an indy film called Favor did an amazing job on make-up (huge job), and I was finally able to meet actors who have been friends of friends for ages--especially Jennymarie Jemison (The Quiet Girl's Guide to Violence) and Ben Wolfe (Austin Playhouse).

All told, it was a fabulous few hours on a beautiful horse farm in Austin, punctuated by blood (fake), sweat (real) and the walking dead. Look for it at our favorite moviehouse--the Alamo Drafthouse--and maybe, just maybe, during Fantastic Fest 2012!