Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All Warm and Gooey

So. Like the Grinch, my heart grows during the holidays. Embarrassingly. So much so, that it practically reaches out of my chest and tries to hug everybody. And it makes me ooze endearments all over the place. And while the endearments are all completely, well, heart-felt, in an age of irony, they confuse people.

But the good? It's been an embarrassment of good!

My dad had cancer, and damn if he didn't cut that bitch. Gone!

The man and I made it up to NYC for a little pre-holiday get-away. I saw Grace and enjoyed the crap out of it. I went all tourist-y, joined the tour group for Radio City Music Hall and lucked into a Rockettes Christmas Spectacular dress rehearsal.

In Austin, I've shot two shorts and a commercial in the last couple of months. Amazing. We had the F1 here, and it was such a great thing for the whole city.

I'm back in ballet class, and my ankle is finally, FINALLY, feeling like it never broke. Such a good lesson for me. The first few classes were depressing, but now? I'm so much stronger. It bends so much better. I almost feel like a dancer again.

And tonight? I'm about 14 hours away from a chocolate martini--the official kick-start to my favorite day. The dressing's ready to cook. Cranberry sauce is made. The rolls rose and are beautifully browned and ready to share, and we're just a quick drive away from family. Thankful? Damn straight.