Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Last week I took my first Meisner class with a new teacher. (Seriously, we're so lucky here in Austin--my first teacher studied with Meisner for four years--this one TAUGHT with him!)

We began at the beginning with repetition exercises. This was new to me--I've never started that at the beginning before (odd--it's definitely time).

My first go-round went well. My second? Well, it didn't go well, which was even better for me--sparked amazing insight from this new teacher that gave me so much to think about. Why "Lavender"? That was one of the words two people repeated--now stuck in my head. I didn't think I could sit there, watch two people say lavender and get so much out of it.

Next class is tomorrow. Hoping to incorporate what I learned last week.

SXSW Midnight Bumper

Tonight I began working on my background prep for a SXSW Film Festival bumper. I'm insanely excited about this project--great premise, kind director, free pass to the festival and a day spent shooting in the woods. What more could a girl ask for?

This one did spark a strange round of questions with the husband, though. The "how would you feel ifs" and "what would you do ifs" that inevitably sound a lot more crazy uttered aloud.

But it looks like all the stunt training may come in handy even sooner than I thought...