Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Research. Rewiring.

Motherhood Out Loud ended this Sunday, and it was a fantastic run. What will I remember? The fact that people I work out with have become friends, and those friends came in groups to see the show. I'll remember the cast who brought the material to life. I'll remember the monologues that capture so many aspects of the motherhood experience.

Today I'm in Houston, working. I've been doing a lot of research for a potential project, and it's led me to a book on brain plasticity, which basically tells me that you train your brain to make bad decisions instinctively by making them again and again. My bad decisions? Allowing my attention to be so fragmented and overwhelmed by the wealth of information on my computer that it's markedly difficult for me to focus for extended periods. It's got to stop. I've got to stop it.

The research has taken me into a scientific summary of lab-recorded psi evidence. More on that later.

The research has taken me into a doctor's essays on what happens at the moment of death. And the evidence she records is convincing. Our body is a chrysalis--our spirit a butterfly.

The research has reminded me of the power of self-awareness. The importance of listening to my inner voice.

The research has led me to believe that everything is interconnected and there is a God behind it. I need to believe that.