Monday, September 15, 2014

Get back up and ride

So I got knocked off my pony today. Over Labor Day weekend, I had a good audition. A really good audition. An "I nailed it!" audition. An audition that led me to come home and say, "Unless they want a blonde, I've got this."

In the future, perhaps, I should not trust that feeling.
 I was just so sure! And, apparently, just so wrong. I did not get the part. And I really wanted the part. So that's a bummer.

Rejection is the other part of the actor's life--the part we don't talk about a lot. It's kind of embarrassing. It shouldn't be. I've had acting coaches tell me you may face 10, 50, 100 rejections before you get a part, and you just have to climb back on and ride.

That's one of the things I admire most about actors. You pour your heart out. You hear--yeah, but. Yeah, but. Yeah, but. Yeah, but. And you climb back on, grab the mane in both hands, and ride into a technicolor sunset only you can see. You wake up, see a new day dawning and ride again. And you may ride for days and days and days before you see anyone. And it may be months before you find someone to ride along beside you. And you may never, ever find the lost city, the fountain of youth, the gold mine. But somewhere along the way, you realize it's the looking that's the bounty. It's the secret bits of the world you get to see every single time you ride, you search, you ride again.

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